How to Prepare Your Garage Door for Winter

With winter soon here, it is time to start winterizing your house, yard, car and more. When you are going through and making sure things are ready for the upcoming cold season, don’t forget about your garage door! There are a few things you should check before the worst of the frigid air is upon us. And if you discover you need garage door parts for your Lino Lakes garage door, give us a call for help.

Check the batteries

The cold weather can wreak havoc on batteries, even the one that powers your garage door opener. Take a few seconds to open the remote to make sure the battery is still in good shape. Make sure it is not corroded or leaking battery acid.

Inspect the garage door’s drive track

Take a look at the drive track and make sure there are no obstructions that could keep your garage door from opening and closing. Be sure the belt or chain is able to travel smoothly along the rail. If not, call us for the necessary garage door parts or to set up a time for us to come out and fix it for you.

Properly lubricate your garage doors

Check to make sure your garage door has the proper lubrication. This is especially important during the winter time, but you should also be checking this year-round to be on the safe side. If you notice that there isn’t enough lubrication, call us and we can come out and take care of lubricating it for you. If your garage door doesn’t have enough lubrication this winter, your garage door could stick on the track and get stuck and that could cause a lot of expensive problems.

Use your garage door on a regular basis

Most people use their garage as their main entrance and exit. But if you aren’t one of those people, be sure to occasionally open and close your garage door to help keep it from freezing shut. If there is snow and ice in the forecast, use rock salt on the concrete under and around your garage door. This will also help keep it from freezing shut.

These are just a handful of tips to help winterize your garage door. Contact us and we can tell you even more.

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