Garage Door Tracks

Garage Door Track Repair – Twin Cities MN

Your garage door’s rollers are housed and guided by the tracks, enabling you smooth operation of the garage door. At Premium Garage Door Service, we are experts in repairing and installing garage door tracks in the Twin Cities MN metro.

Types of Garage Door Tracks

Standard Lift Tracks

  • Handle Lift in Most Residential Applications
  • Consists of a Vertical Track and Curved Section
  • Allow the Sections to Rise and Move Above the Floor

Vertical Lift Tracks

  • Common in Commercial/Industrial Sectors
  • Include an Additional Vertical Track, Allowing for Spring Assembly
  • Spans the Entire Widening Distance

High Lift Tracks

  • Combines Vertical and Standard Systems
  • Can be used in Residential or Commercial Settings
  • Becoming More Popular

Should you garage door track be replaced?

Here are some of the most common reasons why garage door tracks bend and need replaced:

  • Broken Cables or Drum Connections
  • Roller Displacement
  • Lock Strikers
  • Defaced Rollers
  • Decayed Jamb or Footings
  • Road Salt and Resulting Rust
  • Commercial accidents involving heavy equipment. Examples: Forklift damage or truck slamming.
  • Metal Fatigue
  • Foundation and/or Construction Materials Shifting