Garage Door Repairs

Garage Door Repairs – Twin Cities MN

Premium Garage Door Service provides a wide range of garage door repair services. Whether it’s repairing a panel or replacing springs, our technicians are proud to be able deliver our high-quality standards to your home.

Garage Door Repair Services in Twin Cities MN

  • Broken Torsion Springs Replacement
  • Broken Cable Replacement
  • Automatic Door Opener Repair
  • Roller Replacement
  • Hinge Replacement
  • Transmitter & Photoelectric Eye Replacement
  • Track Replacement

Why Premium Garage Door Service?

  • Fast, Same-Day Service
  • Emergency Service, 24 Hours a Day
  • Night & Weekend Calls
  • Fully-Trained Staff
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Locations All Around the Twin Cities MN Metro
  • No Hourly Charges

Garage Door Repair FAQs

  • Q:Why isn’t my garage door going up?A: See if there isn’t any separation in garage door springs. If so, you have a broken spring. Another reason could be the cable is wrapped around the shaft.
  • Q:Why isn’t my garage door staying down?A: Your photoelectric eye could be out of alignment. Try holding in the wall button as the door goes down. If the door closes while doing this, then it’s the photoelectric eye.

garage door damage

  • Q:Why is my remote not working?A: If you just changed the battery, the programming could have been lost. It also might be in lock out mode. If that’s the case, contact us today.
  • Q:I want to install a garage door opener. What do I need to do?
    A: Check out our garage door openers page, and then Contact Us!
  • Q:Can I fix my own broken garage door springs?
    A: Technically, yes. However, it can be difficult and dangerous, and one mistake could result in serious injury. Before you attempt to take on the challenge, get in touch with us.

Contact us today if you need any garage door repairs. Call us at 651-344-0489 or Contact us Here.