How to Choose the Perfect Garage Door

If you are remodeling your current home or building a new one, you might need to decide on a new garage door and/or fixtures. It used to be that your choices were limited. You probably only had a few styles and colors to choose from and that was it. But in this day and age, a garage door company can install a variety of styles and colors. We are a garage door company serving Eagan and the surrounding areas, and we have several suggestions on what to think about when you are deciding on your new garage door.

For starters, look at the exterior of your home or think about what it will look like when it is finished being remodeled or built. What style is your home? Is it a stately Victorian or a cozy Cap Cod? Does it have multiple levels or is it a rancher-style home?

Make sure that the new door you order through the garage door company will blend in with the style of your home. You do not want an ornate and decorative garage door if the rest of your home’s exterior is simple and unadorned.

For example, a cottage-style home would probably do well with a horizontal or elongated pattern. The color should also blend with the rest of your home.

For inspiration, look to your window frames and choose a color that matches that. Do not go by your front door or your home’s siding. Matching the new garage door to your home’s trim (or what it will be in the future after the building or remodeling is completed) will give your home a cohesive look without looking too “matched” or formal.

Finally, think about the smaller details of your new garage doors. Do you want windows or do you want the entire door to be solid? Do you want a fancy handle for the outside of the garage door? Or are you okay with a plain handle?

The choice is yours to make but, again, look to the rest of the house’s exterior for ideas and inspiration and make sure that whatever you choose blends in with the rest of your home too.

Of course, if you need further assistance, call our garage door company!

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