Complete Garage Door Repairs During Fall

Though we just welcomed in fall, it’s time to start thinking about winter. Fall is the time to be making repairs and scheduling maintenance for your garage door, so it’s ready for the winter. Don’t get caught in a situation in January that could have been handled this September. Our team of Minneapolis garage door repair technicians will be able to do an analysis of your door and provide you with any necessary repairs.

Fall Garage Door Maintenance
Fall is a good time to plan your annual maintenance, if you haven’t already. Here are just a few of the aspects of your garage door that you should concentrate on in the fall:
1. If your garage door is making an awful racket, you need to make sure you apply lube to the entire garage door track. This simple step can help your garage door run more smoothly through the fall and winter.
2. Weather stripping becomes increasingly important as the weather gets cooler. If your garage door has weather stripping, make sure it’s making a strong seal. You may lose heat through your garage door, if your garage is attached to your house. If your weather stripping is not sealing tightly, it’s time to have it replaced.
3. If you notice your door jamming or sticking, it may be a sign of bigger trouble ahead. The problem will only get worse. Don’t wait until your garage door is stuck up or down. The last thing you want during the winter is to be stuck with a garage door that won’t fully close. It will allow a lot of cold air in, making your home uncomfortable.

Are you in need of some garage door maintenance this fall? Give us a call today at 651-344-0489 or contact us online.