Garage Door Repair After Severe Weather

Garage door repairs come in all shapes and sizes, and are performed for many reasons. Our skilled team of Twin Cities garage door repair experts has seen it all. One of the reasons people seek garage door repair, is because of storm damage. The damage caused by a storm can depend on the type and severity of the storm. If you are unsure about the extent of the damage, be sure to give us a call before attempting repairs yourself. If the damage is extreme, it may be dangerous for you to try to handle them yourself.

Most hail damage to a garage door is nothing more than an eyesore. But, in some rare cases, hail damage is severe enough to cause lasting damage. It has been reported in the past that hail knocked out garage door windows and severely dented the panels. If you need garage door panels, or your whole garage door replaced, give us a call.

Ice Damage
Did you ever have it happen where you garage door was stuck together by a layer of ice? If not, consider yourself lucky. Some people end up causing extensive damage to their garage door by pushing the garage door opener button over and over again, when it’s stuck. This can result in a burned out motor, stripped gears, broken coils, among other problems. If you find yourself in this situation, we can help.

High Winds
High winds themselves probably won’t damage your garage door, but the debris they carry might. Depending on the strength of the winds, you may be dealing with tree limbs, trashcan lids and more. The extent of damage after high winds can greatly vary depending on the size of the debris. You may have minor dents or major problems preventing the door from opening or closing. Either way, we can help.

Are you in need of garage door repairs after a storm? Give us a call today at 651-344-0489 or contact us online.