3 Major Benefits of a New Garage Door

There are a number of different reasons a new garage door makes sense for your home, and a few big benefits you can receive by going with such a purchase. We’ve picked the top three and detailed them below.

Increased home value. For homes that sell at $175,000 or higher, a $2,000 garage door investment could add as much as $7,000 to the resale value. That’s a great investment.

More protection. Depending on the type of garage door you have in place now, a newer garage door could provide greater security not only to the vehicles that are stored inside your garage, but to your family as well, since many garages have an entry door to the home.

A cleaner home. A new garage door with a keypad for entry can become a second front door. When coming indoors from poor weather conditions, or from a dirty job, your garage gives you a sheltered location to take off your messy items of clothing before entering the actual home. This helps keep your home clean.

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