5 Tips for Garage Door Safety

Garage doors offer convenience to those who need to stow their vehicles away, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of opening and closing a door each time they need to enter or exit the garage. With anything heavy that moves, though, there are certain safety issues that need to be addressed. Here are 5 tips for staying safe around your garage door.

1. Keep the openers away from small children. Kids love to play, and by leaving a garage door opener laying around unattended, you’re basically offering them a brand new toy to play with. There are obvious risks here as far as injuries are concerned, and the children could unknowingly cause damage to your garage door or opener while playing.

2. Regularly check out your garage door. Give your garage door and all of its parts a good look at least once per month. You may find failing areas or parts before the issues become larger and more expensive.

3. Keep your garage door fully open or fully closed. Keeping your garage door partially open is an invitation for trouble. When the door opening mechanism is started again, it could go either up or down, and may collide with something.

4. Unplug the automatic opener while on vacation. This isn’t a matter of physical safety, but it could help protect your home and the belongings inside. This prevents someone who somehow hacks your code or someone who comes up with a spare garage door opener from using it to enter your garage and home.

5. Keep your remote opener out of your parked car. It’s very easy for someone to reach into your car and use your garage door opener to open your garage and possibly gain access to your home.

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