Garage Doors: How Do They Work?

You see and use your garage door every day, but did you ever stop and think about how they work? We here at Premium Garage Door Service work on garage doors in Hugo a lot, so we thought we would share with you how they work and how each component works.

Garage doors use what’s called a “counterbalance system” to operate properly. This means it uses a force to offset the weight of the door. There are two different types of counterbalance systems: torsion spring systems and extension spring systems. Here is a rundown of these two types of systems and how they work.

Torsion Spring

This is the most common type of counterbalance system. These springs are horizontally mounted above the opening of the garage doors. There are cables affixed to the bottom of the garage doors’ corners. These cables cause the springs to wind up, and this winding energizes the system. This energy is then transferred to the door thanks to the springs unwinding when the garage doors are opened.

Extension Spring

Although this type is less common than torsion springs, the extension spring counterbalance system is still quite popular. Extension springs are secured to cables that are then attached to the bottom corners of the garage doors. These springs stretch as the doors close. When you open your garage doors, the stored energy in the spring lifts the doors.

We hope you learned a thing or two about garage doors, their components and how they all work together. Having garage door springs regularly checked by the professionals here at Premium Garage Door Service can help keep them functioning properly and safely and could help you avoid expensive repairs in the long run.

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