A Solar Panel Garage Door — Can It Happen?

What if you could commute to and from work in your plug-in hybrid without the use of gas OR electricity from your home? OEMTek believes they might have the answer.

The company is now researching a solar panel garage door — a garage door constructed of solar panels, with a system that can be used to charge your plug-in hybrid vehicle. For commuters who drive between 50 to 70 miles, this would mean that you could make your trip to and from work without having to buy gas, or utilize your home’s electricity. Essentially, you’d be operating your car with free energy.

This door isn’t quite ready for prime time yet, but we’ll undoubtedly be keeping an eye out for future developments from OEMTek. Such a garage door would not only change the garage door industry, it would also serve to cut our carbon footprints down tremendously.