Tips on Organizing Your Garage

Cleaning out your garage is one of the most dreaded chores on anyone’s To Do List. However, with a little bit of planning and elbow grease, your garage will soon be the most organized room in your home! Our garage door company in Wright County has a few suggestions on how to organize your garage quickly and efficiently.

The first thing you want to do is talk to your family (or whoever shares the garage with you). Set aside an afternoon when everyone can go to the garage and organize their items. Drive all cars out of the garage and remove anything that is on wheels, like bikes and grills. Make sure you have plenty of room to move around. (And during this process, if you spot any needed repairs to your garage door, be sure to call our garage door company for assistance!)

Then you should set aside three separate areas: an area for items you intend to keep and store, an area for items you intend to donate to charity and an area for items you intend to throw away. Start going through everything that is in the garage, starting with the larger items. Make sure you go through every single box. Sort the items into those three piles: keep, donate and throw away. Go with your gut if you are unsure of whether or not to keep a certain item, and try not to overthink it as you are getting things organized and put away.

When you have everything separated into those three piles, take the stuff you are going to throw away and put it all outside so it’s not in the way. Take the items you want to donate and put them into boxes, and make sure the boxes are labeled so you know what is in them. Then take the items you intend to keep and put them into labeled boxes as well. Put them back into place in your garage, and try to store similar items together. For example, store all of your gardening supplies in one spot so you don’t have to wonder where you put your gardening shears.

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