Three Types of Garage Door Openers

If you are in the market for a new garage door opener, you might be wondering about the different kinds that are for sale these days and what benefits they have. As a garage door company serving Hugo, we are often asked about garage door openers and how to pick the best one. Here is a brief rundown of the different types and their advantages. And you can always call our garage door company if you have any questions or want to have one of these installed.

Belt-drive system

This type of garage door opener is increasing in popularity because it is very quiet and smooth. It is as strong as a steel-belted tire, and it can lift even the heaviest garage doors. This is a great garage door opener for garages that are adjacent to or below living spaces like bedrooms or any other room you want to keep quiet. They operate with a rubber belt, and they are just a bit more expensive than any other type on the market.

Screw-drive system

A screw-drive system uses a lifting mechanism. The mechanism moves along a threaded steel rod. The rods are very powerful, but these systems do not require a lot of maintenance because they have the fewest moving parts. These are also the easiest ones to install.

Chain-drive system

This system uses a metal chain to lift and lower the garage door up and down along its tracks. These are the most common and the most cost-effective and budget-friendly garage door opener. However, they can be noisier than the belt-drive system or the screw-drive system. These are also the oldest type of garage door opener system.

Since 1993, all garage door openers have been required by law to have a safety mechanism installed that will stop and reverse the closing garage door if the system detects an object moving underneath it. This is a great safety feature because it could save you a lot of money on potential damage to your vehicle, not to mention it’s a great safety feature that could also save you potential injury or worse.

You should also look into garage door openers that have a rolling code feature. This means that it will be harder for a thief to break into your home through your garage. The remote to your garage door uses a code to open and close it. A rolling code means it does not always use the same code.

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