Take Care of Those Garage Door Rollers

A huge selection of garage door rollers is on the market, coming in many different sizes, materials and strengths. The array of materials they are made of are generally of metal or nylon varieties. You need to know which type of rollers to use in your garage door. Should your roller system become faulty, a chain reaction can occur, ultimately leading to a garage door replacement in your Lake Elmo home.



Should you pick out a roller that too short, your door can jump its tracks while it is opening or closing, causing potential damage most of the components up and down the garage door like the opener, hinges and panels.



In regards to material, this influences just how noisy your garage door opener is—nylon being the obvious choice for quiet (vs. a metal roller). It is thought that functionality in metal or nylon rollers is relatively the same.



You must keep an eye on your rollers and how well they are functioning. The damaged roller can be catastrophic to the whole system—going with a garage door replacement is not ideal if it is just your rollers that are faulty. Garage door rollers break down in multiple ways. A typical roller is only meant to last a few years, the casing that holds the bearings can become loose, causing the bearings to not maintain their ideal position, which in turn effects the rollers, limiting their abilities to move the door.



The weight of your garage door directly relates to how your rollers perform. A heavy door will, obviously, put more pressure on the entire system, including the rollers. This causes the degradation of the garage door itself, leading ultimately, yes, to a full garage door replacement.



A faulty roller does not mean that it cannot be repaired. The roller could just be off of its proper course. Usually, damaged garage door rollers are indicated by sound—screeching and scratching while opening and closing. A damaged or bad garage door roller is not good for your garage door, the system itself or for other components like the tracks, the motor and the way the garage door functions.



Be mindful of your garage door rollers. If you begin to hear unpleasant sounds while the door is in use, give them a peak. See if you can spot whether they appear to be in a bad way. We can perform repairs to your existing rollers or replace them altogether.



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