Some Final Garage Door Safety Tips

Tomorrow is the last day of June, which also means it’s the last day of National Garage Door Safety Month. Before we head off into July, we’d like to offer up a few garage door safety tips so that you, as well as those you care about, are as safe as possible around your garage door, the largest moving object in your home.

  • Keep the garage door out of the reach of any small children.
  • Also remind small children that they shouldn’t place fingers near any cracks or crevices in the garage door.
  • Establish a rule with older children — the garage door remote is not a toy.
  • Visually inspect the garage door yourself every month for anything out of the ordinary, and call a St Paul Garage Door repair specialist if you find something wrong.
  • Always keep your garage door either completely open or completely closed. Don’t leave the door partially open.
  • When on vacation, be sure to unplug your automatic garage door opener so that no one can use a stolen remote to gain unauthorized entry to your garage.

We hope you’ve had a great month in June, and a safe month with your garage door. We’ll see you in July!