Professional Repair Makes All the Difference

When it comes to garage doors, without a doubt there are a lot of moving parts.  In addition to hinges, chains or worm gears, brackets and such, there are also many moving parts that require extra care for safety reasons.  Motors and springs, for example, can be especially dangerous if not installed or adjusted properly by a professional garage door installer.

In many cases, minor adjustments can be made by the homeowner in accordance with the technical specification and troubleshooting guide in the garage door opener instruction manual.  However, more serious problems such as broken or improperly tensioned garage door springs can inflict injury or death to an unsuspecting bystander or homeowner who undertakes the job without the right tools and experience.

Besides the risks involved, it often will also take a non-professional a comparatively huge amount of time and expense to troubleshoot and correct problems, likely requiring rework for a less-than-satisfactory result.  Garage door preventive maintenance is one thing.  Full-blown repairs to a damaged system is quite another story.

For those inclined to attempt it themselves, homeowners should at least use proper protective gear such as gloves and safety glasses when making any adjustments to moving parts.  It’s just not worth the risk to pinch a finger or lose an eye just to save a few dollars.   And working with greased parts such as the worm gear or chain that pulls raises and lowers the garage door can make quite a mess of clothing, so having soap, water and some rags around is a good idea as well.

Consider the alternative: a professional repair that is performed safely and in a timely manner without risk of life or limb to yourself or your family.  A job-well-done will bring peace of mind and make significantly less of an impact on your pocketbook.

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