June is Garage Door Safety Month

Did you know that June is Garage Door Safety Month? This annual awareness event is held to remind people that there are plenty of ways to help ensure that your garage door is in good working order and is safe to use. Here are a few safety tips from the professionals here at Premium Garage Door Service.

  • About once a week or so, go to your garage and take a look at all of its parts. Make sure everything is properly lubricated, and make sure there are no missing or damaged parts. If you see any parts that are missing, damaged or broken, especially any springs or cables, call a professional garage door repair company. Do not attempt to fix anything on your own.
  • If your area is prone to severe weather, make sure your garage door opener has a battery back-up. Most Americans with garages use their garage door as their main exit and entrance in and out of their homes. So if you lose power, you want to be sure your garage door will still function until your electricity is restored.
  • Make sure your garage is clear of clutter and debris. Clutter and debris can present a fire hazard. Be sure you have a fire extinguisher near your garage at all times too, just in case.
  • Make sure any children in your home know the basics of garage door safety. They should know that they are not allowed to touch the garage door opener, and they should know that they should never run underneath the garage door while it is still in motion. Keep your garage door opener out of the reach of children too.
  • If you are leaving for vacation, make sure you unplug your garage door opener or make sure you use the vacation lock security switch, which is usually on the wall console. This will render your garage door remote unusable.
  • Never leave your garage door partially open. Not only is this a safety risk, but it could also leave your home vulnerable to a break in and theft.
  • Learn how to use your garage door opener’s emergency release feature. See your garage door opener manual for instructions on how to do this.

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