How to Organize a Small Garage

Your garage is one of the most important rooms in your home. Not only does it keep your car safe and out of the outdoor elements, but it can also serve other purposes, like a storage space, home gym, man cave and more. From your garage door opener to your garage doors, the Roseville garage door experts at Premium Garage Door Service can help with any repairs you might need. And we also have some good ideas about how to keep a small garage well organized. Here are a few of our favorite recommendations for how to keep your garage looking good.

Plan ahead

Take a look at your garage and its layout. Get out your tape measure and take some measurements. Shelves are great to add to your garage, especially high shelves that will keep your belongings off the ground. Just be sure to factor in your garage doors when you take the measurements. You don’t want to install shelving only to find out that your garage doors knock them over as the doors are opened and closed!

Shop for shelves

Shelving comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes these days. Be on the lookout for shelving that is made out of a durable material, like metal. You want to be sure that if these shelves are accidentally hit by your car as you are coming or going that they can withstand the impact and still stay upright. You also want to make sure the shelving can withstand temperature extremes, especially here in Minnesota where we have hot summers and frigid winters. Tall shelves are great too, especially if you have valuable items that you don’t want anywhere near your garage floor.

Labels are your friends

There is no point in spending all of this time organizing your items if you don’t label them. The labels don’t have to be anything fancy. Even if you just get white labels and a black magic marker, that should suffice. Try to organize your items in a way that makes logical sense too. So if you organize all of your gardening tools together, try to put those tools next to your mower so you don’t have to look too hard to find them.

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