Garage Door Trends for 2018

Looking into some new garage doors for the new year? Garage door installation can breathe new life into the look, function and safety of your home. And, gone are the days of the plain white garage door. With so many design options to choose from, homeowners these days are opting for doors with color, style, and unique applications and materials. So, as experts in garage door installation for Stillwater and the surrounding areas, we’ve put together a rundown of a few of the most popular trends in garage doors to look out for this year. And, when you’re ready for a garage door installation, give us a call at Premium Garage Door Service and we can help you find the one to fit your unique home.

garage door installation


Wood garage door installation is making a huge comeback. The look of wood adds dimension to the home and offers classic elegance unmatched by any other material. It creates texture and an old world charm homeowners love. From a lake side cottage to an upscale Victorian home, wooden garage doors look absolutely stunning on almost any kind of home.


Let there be light in your garage! Windows brighten the garage and glisten on your home. While many homeowners choose to include windows at the top of their garage door, there are many other options as well. All types of homes benefit from the look and style of windows in a garage door installation. Colonial, ranch, and contemporary homes all look great with this type of garage door installation but garage doors with windows are gaining popularity for their chic, modern look.

Carriage House Steel Doors

These are huge right now! These classic, charming garage doors may look like they swing out instead of up. But, they actually open and close up-and-down like your basic, modern garage door. And, a wide selection of colors and styles allow you to match this type of garage door installation with your home’s trim colors and overall style.
And, these are just a few of the exciting trends in garage door installation. In fact, homeowners and businesses alike are getting creative with their use of the garage doors. In fact, the garage door does not need to be on a garage at all! The possibilities are endless!

So when it comes to choosing the best garage door installation for your home, there are definitely some great options to consider. If you still aren’t sure or have more questions, we here at Premium Garage Door Service can help! We can answer any questions you have, and we will point you in the right direction.

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