Garage Door Springs Can Strike Back

As tempting as the idea may be to handle the repair or replacement of garage door springs at your Shoreview home, please consider resisting the urge. Do-it-yourself has its time and its place, your garage door represents neither. In all reality, the process is something of a dangerous one, leave it to professionals like Premium Garage Door Service. Seriously, read on.


Two types of springs exist on the market, torsion and extension. An extremely tight winding of the garage door springs allows for the proper tension that allows the heavy garage door to open and close. The issue you will indeed run into is that these tensioned springs can snap or whip out of intended placement, which could cause serious, even fatal injury. Your trained garage door repairperson will come with ample experience in replacing door springs, leave it up to them. The trade brings with it a specialized set of tools that are created specifically for each task, including the removal and replacement of garage door springs.


When you opt for a professional in this particular type of case, they will be well-versed in all angles involving any safety issues that could possibly come to light. This choice can save you some harm. You will get to keep all of your digits and appendages (hands, fingers and limbs), even, perhaps, your life.


Your repairperson should also make sure that the power to the garage door itself is turned off prior to the repair. In some cases, fuses will have to be removed or the circuit breaker will have to be turned off in order to properly carry this out. Your repairperson should know whether your garage door system is a type old enough to call for more than the flip of a switch to remove it from power.


If you insist on attempting this project yourself, make absolutely sure that you handle the garage door springs with the utmost care. You will have to remove the old springs, likely highly tensioned. You would have to then carry out the opposite in the installment of a new set, after proper tensioning.


A good repairperson will make sure that your door is balanced and tightly set after the garage door spring replacement is carried out. Before the door opener is reset and reprogrammed (if need be), see for yourself that door is as tight to seal as the day it was installed.


It so happens that Premium Garage Door Service meets all of the above criteria and comes with many years of experience. For more information on garage door springs for your Shoreview or nearby home, call Premium Garage Door Service at 651-344-0489, or you can contact us and Request Service.