Garage Door Springs and Your Garage Door

All garage doors have springs, even if you have an automatic door. They play a vital role in raising and lowering the door, in the way that they keep it from slamming into the ground when it’s lowered. The weight of a garage door is too much for the mechanisms in a garage door opener to lift themselves. For residents of Forest Lake, garage doors can operate flawlessly for a long time, but when they break you know it! In this blog, we’re going to give you a little bit of background information on springs, why they break and what to do about replacing them.

Types of Springs
There are two types of springs on your Forest Lake garage doors.  One is called a torsion spring, the other a extension spring. The torsion spring is located just above the garage door, and twists as the garage door opens and closes. The extension spring is located on both sides of the upper tracks. They help with lifting the immense weight of the garage doors.

Why They Break
Garage doors can work without incident for many years. But over time, they can wear down and eventually break. Your garage doors are exposed to the elements and temperature fluctuations all year long. This is especially true in communities like Forest Lake MN. Also, garage doors are large mechanical structures with moving parts that will wear out over time.

Spring Replacement
When you find yourself with broken garage doors, it’s important to make sure you get a professional to perform the repairs. Some of these repairs can be tricky and dangerous. Your garage doors are one of the largest moving parts in your entire home, and they’re heavy. Contact a local company to services your Forest Lake home.

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