Garage Door Repair in New Brighton as part of Spring Cleaning

There are many parts of your garage door you should check annually. A perfect time to do that is during your spring cleaning routine. Performing annual minor garage door repairs in New Brighton may save you from more costly repairs in the future.

1. Examine and lubricate your garage door springs. Call us if you find a problem with any of them.

2. Inspect your door alignment. If it seems out of alignment, it is important to get it fixed right away. Continued use of a garage door that is out of alignment can cause unnecessary wear on the entire system.

3. Tighten the hardware on your garage door. As you are tightening, if you notice any hinges that need replaced, contact us.

4. Check the weather stripping on your garage door. If it is damaged, call your local New Brighton garage door repair company for a replacement.

5. Take a look at the cables in your garage door to see if they have any obvious signs of wear and tear. It’s better to replace the cables now, then wait and have your garage door stop working all together.

You should test the overall functionality of your garage door. Be critical of the system as you clean, tighten and lubricate. Doing an inspection of your garage door yearly is important so you have something to compare the current state of your garage door to. If you notice any differences in performance from year to year, then it might be time to call Premium Garage Doors to complete a more thorough examination. Garage door repairs are a necessary part of maintaining your home.

If you need a thorough inspection of your New Brighton garage door, call us at 651-344-0489 or fill out our online request form.