Garage Door Repair for Family Safety

Garage door repair doesn’t usually rank very high on a list of daily concerns. After all, it’s just a door. It’s incidental to your entering or exiting your home. But your garage door is a very complex mechanism and when it’s not in perfect working order, it can be dangerous.

A typical garage door can weigh upwards of 300 to 400 pounds. If it were to come down on a vehicle, it could cause extensive damage. And, if it were to close on a person or animal, it is capable of causing serious injury, or worse.

There are safety protection devices built in to your garage door system to minimize the chance of a mishap. But, as with anything mechanical, things eventually wear out or get out of adjustment. It is important to have the safety protection system periodically checked for proper calibration and operation by a qualified garage door repair technician.

While it is tempting for many homeowners to do all the repairs on their home themselves, this is one area where the services of a competent garage door repair person would be the wiser choice. A technician who works extensively with garage door systems will know, in detail, all of the items that affect the operation and safety of your door. He will also be familiar with which things tend to be the weak spots and more prone to wear and failure.

Don’t take the chance of compromising the safety of your family or your property. Schedule an annual visit now for a preventive maintenance and safety inspection of your garage door system.