Garage Door Parts Defined

Your garage door is the largest moving mechanism in your home, and it is made up of several different parts. When you are looking for garage door parts in Oakdale, some of the terminology might be confusing. So here is a rundown of the various garage door parts and their functions.


This is the technical name of the weather stripping that is placed along the bottom of a garage door. It helps keep drafts and rain from entering your garage.


This refers to the amount of space needed to install a garage door. It is measured from the door to the back of the horizontal track.

Bottom bracket

These garage door parts are also known as corner brackets. This is where the lifting cables are attached on most sectional doors.


This is what connects the bottom bracket to the counterbalance mechanism and is what helps lift the garage door.

Cable drums

These are important because they keep the lifting cable in line as the garage door is opening. They are part of the tension spring system.

Cable safety device

These are some of the most important garage door parts because they are what keep the garage door from falling if a cable breaks.

Center hinge

This is a flat hinge that is put on the door section and allows it to pass through the curve between the horizontal tracks and the vertical tracks.

Extension springs

These garage door parts are incredibly important because they carry the weight of the door as it lifts. They run from a pulley that is attached to the door to the rear track hanger.


These connect the sections of a garage door and allow it to bend as it runs up the vertical track and onto the horizontal track.

Horizontal track

This is the track that runs parallel to the garage ceiling.


This is one section of a garage door.

Rear track hangers

These garage door parts attach to the horizontal track of a garage door and stabilize it.

Spring assembly

These are the garage door parts that transfer the garage door’s weight to the counterbalance system.

Vertical track

This is the garage door track that runs perpendicular to the garage door ceiling and floor.

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