Garage Door Opener Hudson WI

Garage Door Opener Hudson, WI

It’s a long day at work, followed by what seems like an even longer commute home. But finally, after a day full of challenges, your Hudson, WI, home is in sight. You pull into the driveway, press the button on the garage door opener and….nothing happens. You press it again, just in case it was a fluke, but no, it’s not working. This is definitely not the way you wanted to end your work day!

Thankfully, you can call on Premium Garage Door Service for help! If your garage door opener in Hudson, WI, is not working properly, you can troubleshoot some issues with the below information or give us a call for emergency service.

Reasons Your Garage Door Opener Might Malfunction

Dealing with a garage door opener that is not working is aggravating. And like many other household systems, it often seems like it picks the worst time ever to malfunction! But you don’t have to let this malfunction cause you stress, there might be a simple solution.

  • The Photo Eye is Blocked – Did you know that many garage doors have a photo eye that detects if an object/person is blocking the door? The photo eye will turn off the signal if that laser is interrupted. If it is an issue with the door not opening, check to see if the cord is attached, or if the lens needs to be cleaned due to dirt and dust having built up and blocked the beam.
  • Battery is Dead – Sometimes it can be something as simple to deal with as replacing the batteries. Be sure to check the ones in the wall unit, in your car unit, as well as in your other vehicles. You will also want to double check to make sure the garage door’s power source is still plugged into the outlet.
  • Sensitivity – No matter the age of your garage door, there are times that the sensitivity is too low or too high. This is easily reset, just check out your manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The Control is Malfunctioning – It might be that your RC is out of range from the transmitter, that the motor could be damaged or blocked from the signal, or maybe even that the remote needs to be re-programmed.
  • Door is Off-track – If the doors are off track, they will neither raise or lower. This is often a simple correction that can be corrected with basic tools and a little bit of patience.
  • It’s Disconnected – All garage doors come with a disconnect switch, cord or knob that lets you work the garage doors in the event of a power outage. Be sure this switch has not been accidentally engaged.

Getting Your Garage Door Opener Working Again

If you have tried the above, and your Hudson garage door opener is still not working properly, then it is time to bring in a pro. Contact the team at Premium Garage Door Service at 763-607-3402 or Contact Us.