Garage Door Opener FAQ

When it comes to a garage door opener, there are many issues and questions that can arise. Not only can it be difficult to know what garage door opener to choose in the first place with so many to choose from; troubleshooting a broken one can present even more questions. So, when you need a new garage door opener for your Maplewood home or if your current garage door opener is having issues, it’s best to enlist the experts. As a professional garage door company, the experts at Premium Garage Door Service have heard a few reoccurring questions when it comes to the garage door opener. We’ve provided a few of the most common questions we’ve received and we hope this helps you choose a new garage door opener and know what to look for in terms of garage door opener repair.

Home Garage Door Openers

Q: Why won’t my garage door close all the way?
A: The close limit switch likely needs to be readjusted. Give us a call and we can come out and see what needs to be done.

Q: Why won’t my garage door opener work?
A: Try moving closer to your garage door when you hit the button to open or close it because you might be out of range. Make sure the antenna that is on the motor unit is hanging down. Check the remote’s batteries and change them. Or maybe the remote needs to be reprogrammed. Premium Garage Door Service can help pinpoint the issue and provide any needed repairs.

Q: Why won’t my garage door opener work with my remote or wall switch?
A: It is likely the power source has been disrupted. Make sure the unit is fully plugged in and make sure you didn’t accidentally blow a fuse. If neither of these solutions work, call our garage door company to come out and take a look.

Q: What should I look for in a warranty?
A: You will usually see at least a three-year warranty on the opener for your garage doors, and it will usually cover the motor, the belt and the chain. Some brands even offer a lifetime warranty! Just be sure you read all of the fine print so you fully understand what is covered and what is not and for how long.

Q: Why does my garage door immediately close after it opens?
A: The close limit switch should be looked at. To be on the safe side and to make sure no accidents occur, give our garage door company a call to schedule an appointment.

If you don’t see your question here or for more information on a garage door opener for your Maplewood home, call Premium Garage Door Service at 651-344-0489 or Contact Us to Request Service.