Dangerous Minneapolis Garage Door Repairs

When your Minneapolis garage door isn’t working, it’s tempting to try to fix it on your own. You can definitely make some minor repairs, but there is at least one you should never try by yourself. Premium Garage Door Service, a company that does Minneapolis garage door repairs, has some insight into this particular dangerous garage door repair.

When one of your Minneapolis garage door’s springs breaks, you will probably consider repairing this on your own to save some money on garage door repairs. But we here at Premium Garage Door Service strongly advise against this! First of all, these springs are tightly wound and are very heavy-duty. If you detach them incorrectly, they could potentially pop out and cause you or someone nearby to be injured. Plus, if you’re trying to hold up your garage door on your own, it could fall back down on you and hurt you (or worse!).

And let’s say you do get these garage door repairs done on your own. Now you have to go out and buy new springs. But did you know a lot of the companies that sell these springs will not sell to an unskilled repair person? There is just too much liability and too much of a potential to get sued, so most of these sales people will not sell to the average consumer.

Plus, any time you make garage door repairs on your own and you don’t know what you’re doing, it can take a lot more time than you anticipated. And let’s say you get tired or frustrated or lose concentration. That could result in you being more careless than usual, which could, in turn, cause you to get injured.

Garage door repairs like this one are best left to the Minneapolis experts – Premium Garage Door Service. Call us today at (952) 513-4849 (South Metro), (612) 234-4812 (Minneapolis), (651) 344-0489 (St. Paul) or (763) 607-3402 (North Metro) or contact us online to get help with your Minneapolis garage door repairs.