Common Signs That Your Garage Door Needs Repaired in Woodbury

It’s Monday morning. You’re running late for work. You hit the button to open your garage door and nothing happens. So, you sit there stuck, wondering how you’re going to explain this one to the boss.

It’s not uncommon that a garage door isn’t working like it should. Your garage door will one day need repaired: it’s an inevitability you can’t escape. Luckily, there are warning signs that will appear when repairs are necessary. Ignoring these can result in a much more complex job, and more money out of your wallet.
Here are the signs of needed garage door repairs in Woodbury. Call us as soon as they appear, so we can treat the problem before an accident happens.
·         Jammed door: Caused usually by a broken cable, worn pulley or damaged track.
·         Bottom up one side: When the bottom of the door is up on one side, this indicates either a frayed cable, worn extension spring or worn pulleys.
·         Cocked: When the door cocks, it can be because of a broken cable, worn spring cable or pulleys.
·         Squeaks: Rollers and/or bearings are dried out, and lubrication is necessary.
·         Does not open/close: Can be an issue in the keypad or programming. Replacing the remote’s batteries can often fix the problem.
·         Popping sounds: Indicates rollers need to be replaced.
·         Shuts halfway: If the door is shutting halfway and then going back up, it most likely is an obstruction between the door and automatic opener. Other issues include a broken cable, worn pulley or bent track.
·         Scraping sounds: These can be the result of a frayed cable that needs replaced.
·         Strained opener: Is your garage door opener straining when the door opens? A spring is probably broken, so it will need replaced.
·         Slow opening: A spring is broken and needs replaced.
·         Loud bang: if there was a loud bang before the door quit working, then you probably have a broken spring that needs replaced.
·         Sticking: This is another sign of rollers and hinges needing lubricated. It could be also be the result of dirty, clogged or unaligned tracks.
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