Common Garage Door Parts

premium garage door service garage door parts eaganFor those who aren’t too familiar with garage doors and the way they work, sometimes it can seem like garage door professionals like us are speaking a different language. We sell garage door parts near Eagan, so we thought we would take the time to define some of the parts that we sell and repair the most often.

Astragal: The weather stripping that runs along the bottom of your garage door. It keeps drafts and rain from coming into your garage.

Bottom bracket: The lifting cables are attached to the two bottom brackets on most types of sectional doors. There is one bracket on the right and one on the left of your garage door.

Cable drums: The piece that keeps the lifting cable in line and from getting tangled. This is one of the most important parts of a tensions spring system.

Cable safety device: This keeps the garage door from falling if the cable ever breaks.

Cable stop: A safety device similar to the cable safety device. This is attached to the end of the cable and keeps it from slipping through the drum.

Cable: Also known as the lifting cable, this part connects to the bottom bracket to the counterbalance mechanism.

Clearances: Refers to how much backroom, headroom and side room (the distance around the walls of your garage) is needed to properly install your garage door.

Curtain: The face of your garage door that goes up and down or side to side.

Cycle: Refers to when your garage door goes from fully closed to fully open and then back to fully closed. Parts like torsion springs are rated for how many of these cycles they can safely complete in their lifetime.

Extension springs: These carry the weight of the garage door as it is lifted. They run from a pulley that is attached to the door and stretch on either side of the door to the rear track hanger.

Gauge: Refers to steel thickness. The thinner the steel, the higher the number.

Horizontal track: Runs parallel to the garage ceiling and it supports and guides the door as it opens.

Jambs and jamb seal: Jambs are vertical pieces on either side of the garage door frame and the jamb seal is the weather stripping that runs around the jamb and helps keep drafts and rain from getting into your garage.

Photo-electric sensor: These are a safety feature that is required by law and reverse the direction of your garage door if it comes into contact with some type of obstruction.

Torsion springs: Another type of spring system that help raise and lower your garage door.

Track: This part holds and guides the roller assembly and runs vertically to the top of the garage door and then horizontally and parallel to the garage’s ceiling.

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