Always Secure Your Garage Door for Home Safety

News like the following are among the scariest experiences any of us can go through. Earlier this week, KSTP reported:

The New Brighton Department of Public Safety says a home was burglarized after the resident left a garage door open overnight.

The burglary was reported around 11 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 11, on the 1200 block of Robin Lane. The victim says the overhead garage door was accidentally left open and several items were taken overnight.

Law enforcement officials are reminding community members to double-check doors at night and look out for neighbors if they accidentally leave their doors open.

The Premium Garage Door Service team has seen many news reports this summer detailing how homes were burglarized or broken into, and the entry point was an open or unlocked garage door. While garage doors are a wonderful convenience to have, it’s important it’s properly secured or it can be utilized in ways it shouldn’t be. Make sure this doesn’t happen to your home by always following these tips:

  • NEVER give out your garage door access code to strangers
  • ALWAYS close your garage door when you’re not home or you’re away from the garage
  • MAKE sure your garage door is locked at all times that it’s not open
  • IF you have windows on your garage door, cover them with curtains
  • DON’T leave your garage door opener in plain view