3 Things to Check Before a Garage Door Repair in Roseville

It’s frustrating when your garage door in Roseville isn’t working and you don’t know why. Before hopping on the phone to call your local Roseville garage door repair company, give the following a look over. This will help you isolate the problem and give the garage door repair service the most accurate information. It may help expedite your garage door repair.



It may seem like simple advice, but check the batteries. If your garage door is not responding to the garage door opener, check the batteries in the opener. You may be unaware they died and simply replacing them may do the trick. If you are still experiencing problems, try to open the garage door with your keypad or from inside the garage to try and figure out the problem. If you still can’t open the door, then it’s time to call a garage door repair expert.


Door Track

Check to see if the track is blocked by something. If there is debris lodged in the track, remove it and try the door again. Problems can also arise when the track is dirty or poorly lubricated. It is hard for the door to run on the track if it is dirty. Try cleaning the track. You should regularly lubricate your door track and hinges for optimal performance. If none of those options work, call Premium Garage Door Service at 651-344-0489.



Repair and replacement of the springs is the most common garage door repair out there. Most garage door springs are designed to last around 10,000 cycles, so depending on how often you use your garage door the spring may be near the end of its life. Be mindful of your springs and call a garage door repair expert when you notice any changes.


Once you have checked the three things above in Roseville, contact us by calling 651-344-0489 or by filling out the Request Service form. The information you gather by following the steps above will help us to serve you better.