Noisy Garage Door? Keep Your Garage Door Running Smoothly This Summer

Noisy garage doors can be caused by any of the many springs, pulleys and cables that make the opening system work. A noisy garage door if not addressed quickly can eventually become a larger problem eventually requiring garage door replacement. As garage door installation experts in Lino Lakes, we would like to offer some of the reasons your garage door could be making noise as well as how to keep your garage door working well all summer.

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You can generally expect a garage door to last you for a decade or two after you have a new one installed. But, once your garage door starts to act up, it may not be long before you require garage door installation. Be sure you inspect your garage door on a regular basis. About once a week or so, inspect the garage door itself as well as the mechanisms to ensure everything is working as it should. If you notice a part that is broken, frayed or worn through, call our garage door company for assistance. Many parts of a garage door, especially the springs, should only be repaired or replaced by a trained professional.

Pinpoint the Type of Noise

By identifying the type of noise your garage door is making, you can determine what may be causing it. For example, a loud ticking sound could mean it’s the rollers or a grating noise could mean it’s the coils. The well-trained ear of an expert garage door installation specialist can listen to your garage door and help pinpoint the problem.

Check, Tighten, Inspect

When you hear strange noises coming from your garage door, start by checking, tightening and lubricating all parts of the opening system. Use a socket wrench to tighten the nuts on the track system as well as tighten the opener chain and lubricate the opener track, hinges, torsion bar bearings and springs. If none of these work or if you are uncomfortable performing any of these tasks then contact the garage door installation experts at Premium Garage Door Service for help.

It is important to make sure your garage door opens and closes as it should to ensure it lasts all summer. And, if your garage door is getting old and you would like to look into a new garage door installation to update your home, now is a great time of year to do it!

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Easy Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Garage Doors

Did you know that June is Garage Door Safety Month? And, that May is National Home Improvement Month?! These next few months make a great time of the year to give your garage doors some extra TLC. Premium Garage Door fixes and installs garage doors in Maplewood and the surrounding areas, and we have a few easy spring cleaning tips to help get your garage doors in tip-top shape by summer.

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Perform Some Simple Tests

Start by opening and closing your garage doors. Listen to them closely. Do they sound normal to you are they making some unusual noises? If you hear anything that is odd, call our experts at Premium Garage Door Service Inc., and we can come out and take a look at your garage doors to make sure they are still running safely and smoothly.

Next, test your garage doors to ensure they are properly balanced. You can do this by disconnecting the opener by pulling the release handle. Then, move the door halfway up by hand. See if the door stays where you put it. If it doesn’t stay in place, then call us for help. Balancing your garage doors and getting them back on track is a job for the professionals and is definitely not a DIY project.

Give them a Once-Over

The best thing you can do is take a look at your garage doors on a regular basis. Make sure there are no missing parts or any needed repairs or replacements. Tighten up any loose nuts and bolts. If you see anything that does not look right, call in a company that specializes in garage doors, like Premium Garage Door Service.

Check all of the garage door cables and look for signs of wear and tear. If you spot anything, give us a call. We can come out and take a look at them and make any repairs that are necessary.

Check Their Lubrication

Make sure your garage doors are properly lubricated. This is an important part of ensuring your garage doors are safe and functioning for the months ahead. Garage doors can get expensive to replace, so making sure yours stay in good shape can help save you time, money and hassle in the long run.

If you see anything that does not look right, do not hesitate to call us. We will come to your home or business and look at your garage doors to ensure they are working as they should be.

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The Right Door for Your Garage Door Installation

The Right Door for Your Garage Door InstallationIn the midst of a renovation, purchasing a new home, or plotting having a home built, the right garage door may not be at the top of your aesthetic and practical to do list. This will be a choice at some point that you are faced with. Thankfully, your options are nearly endless in the pursuit of a new garage door. Premium Garage Door Service can and will install any of a wide variety of colored and styled garage doors. Conducting garage door installation for Eagan area homes and businesses, we have a few suggestions on what you should be pondering when it comes to making the ultimate decision on what will be your new garage door.

What is the style of your home? How will your new door fit the style of your home? If your home is covered in intricate design or multiple bold colors, than a more detailed and decorative garage door may be the choice for you. If your home is plain Jane with a simple color scheme and largely free of décor, go with a garage door installation that yields a simple, even understated garage door. No matter what choice you make, go with a door color that helps it match with the color scheme of your home’s exterior.

If you are having a difficult time when it comes to choosing the color, take a look upon the home itself. What color are your window frames, if they are a different hue than is the rest of the home? If your home is white but your window frames and general bordering are black, choose a black garage door. Matching the new garage door to your home’s trim is something of a mistake that a lot of homeowner’s make. Opting instead to match your garage door installation choice with your trim will provide a uniform and matching look that will not make it look too formal.

What about the minutia of your new garage door installation option? 21st century garage doors bring with them the option of things like windows, which you can most certainly choose. Maybe you want a high end look with an elaborate handle for the bottom of the outside of the garage door. Accessorizing on small levels that will not alter the functionality of the door are entirely possible.

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A Garage Door Company That Respects Your Door

The single largest “one-piece” moving, mechanical device in your home, your garage door, sometimes falls into a state of general disrepair. As such, you will want to keep on speed dial the very best garage door company to service your Vadnais Heights or nearby home. It could be the difference between parking within your shelter and sitting in the driveway during the next huge snow storm. And really, let’s be honest, if you have a garage you’d rather use it than not. If it is in a bad way you need to call in the help of some professionals to get and keep it moving. Please enjoy the following on why Premium Garage Door Service is the garage door company for you!


Experience goes a long way when it comes to doling out repair on a garage door. The same goes for a new garage door installation. We have been in business for a long time. Our technicians brings with them the proper tools and knowledge to carry out any and all services on your existing garage door. We have seen it all, from someone being asleep at the wheel, “attempting” to drive through their garage door or tracks detaching from their original seat, setting in motion a chain reaction of breakdowns along the network—nothing is beyond our scope.


Our experienced technicians are familiar with all of the products our company offers and will always provide a written estimate on the cost of our services (and products, if need be). We will be in touch with you on the regular, no alarms and no surprises. You will know just what you to expect from our garage door company every time out, easy and open communication with the focus on solving your existing garage door problems as you wish.


Shortly after eyeing up your garage door, our technician will be able to pinpoint the problem(s) therein, getting you fixed as soon as possible. An added bonus of Premium Garage Door Service’s excellence as a garage door company is that we offer evening and weekend appointments. We can be reached more or less anytime!


We will never ever engage in price gouging with our services and repairs. Premium Garage Door Service will tell you what is wrong, what you need to make it right and we go from there. A locally-owned and-operated company, we want to be friends and/or neighbors sharing the same community with our customer base. After all, you may be involved in a business that services us, our family, friends and neighbors.


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Garage Door Springs Can Strike Back

As tempting as the idea may be to handle the repair or replacement of garage door springs at your Shoreview home, please consider resisting the urge. Do-it-yourself has its time and its place, your garage door represents neither. In all reality, the process is something of a dangerous one, leave it to professionals like Premium Garage Door Service. Seriously, read on.


Two types of springs exist on the market, torsion and extension. An extremely tight winding of the garage door springs allows for the proper tension that allows the heavy garage door to open and close. The issue you will indeed run into is that these tensioned springs can snap or whip out of intended placement, which could cause serious, even fatal injury. Your trained garage door repairperson will come with ample experience in replacing door springs, leave it up to them. The trade brings with it a specialized set of tools that are created specifically for each task, including the removal and replacement of garage door springs.


When you opt for a professional in this particular type of case, they will be well-versed in all angles involving any safety issues that could possibly come to light. This choice can save you some harm. You will get to keep all of your digits and appendages (hands, fingers and limbs), even, perhaps, your life.


Your repairperson should also make sure that the power to the garage door itself is turned off prior to the repair. In some cases, fuses will have to be removed or the circuit breaker will have to be turned off in order to properly carry this out. Your repairperson should know whether your garage door system is a type old enough to call for more than the flip of a switch to remove it from power.


If you insist on attempting this project yourself, make absolutely sure that you handle the garage door springs with the utmost care. You will have to remove the old springs, likely highly tensioned. You would have to then carry out the opposite in the installment of a new set, after proper tensioning.


A good repairperson will make sure that your door is balanced and tightly set after the garage door spring replacement is carried out. Before the door opener is reset and reprogrammed (if need be), see for yourself that door is as tight to seal as the day it was installed.


It so happens that Premium Garage Door Service meets all of the above criteria and comes with many years of experience. For more information on garage door springs for your Shoreview or nearby home, call Premium Garage Door Service at 651-344-0489, or you can contact us and Request Service.